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We are Dumper, an offsite backup as a service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

As a prolific software developer myself, I felt the need for a central place to manage all offsite backups for my side projects.

Deceptively simple cron scripts can go wrong in multiple ways; I learned it the hard way, and it was time to bake my best practices into a product for myself, and for everyone else. That's how Dumper was born.

On this blog, I'd like to share what I learned from my technical journey, especially on the databases and Ruby on Rails front.

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Who's writing this?

I'm a full stack software developer, who successfully scaled a backend for mobile games that went from zero to 30 million in 3 years.

Two of those apps were ranked above Facebook, YouTube and Netflix in the top chart section on the App Store (3rd and 5th at peak), albeit briefly.

Not many developers have a chance to grow a backend to the scale beyond Facebook, not to mention as a solo architect with Ruby on Rails — I'd like to share my experiences and views.

Previously I was Co-Founder and CTO at East Meet East, an Asian oriented online dating service.

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